OUR COMMUNITY IS A MESS! 


                                            Locally, Nationally, and Globally



                       There is trash/litter just about everywhere!


    Since it was put there by people, people can pick it up.





If just 1% of the planet's population, if each person picked up just one piece of trash per day, and properly discarded/recycled it, that's 2.1 billion pieces of trash picked up each month! WOW!

Sure some days you might forget, or not be able to, so just pick up a few more pieces whenever you can. The point is to reconnect with the earth and acknowledge responsibility for helping to keep it clean.


You don't clean up the Earth, you don't clean up your town, you don't even clean up your neighborhood. You merely pick up one piece of trash/litter per day, be it a bottle, can, bag, fast food container, piece of paper etc. When many people do this, the Earth, your town, your neighborhood gets cleaned up. Even if 10 people in your town joined, that's 300 pieces of trash picked up each month.EVERY 34 PERSONS DOING THIS=1000 PIECES PICKED UP EACH MONTH, EVERY MONTH!


It's a very simple effort, one that just about anyone of any age can do. And while we are picking up one piece a day, we are developing CEC (clean earth consciousness), a simple shift in attitude so we don't throw any more trash on the Earth. As part of our lives as brushing our teeth, or washing our faces, this daily activity can help us to reconnect to the earth so that once again we can become sensitive to all of our environment as well as one another.


                  JUST ONE PIECE A DAY!


 We are grateful for all the individuals and groups who participate in helpful clean up projects and adopt-a highway programs etc., and encourage the continuation of such, but unfortunately those efforts are like putting a band-aid on a cancer. In a very short time the band-aid falls off and the problem resurfaces.



This is an ongoing project and if you tell all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc., we will be able to truly clean the earth and keep it clean! The result of a simple shared effort. This project was started and is maintained by a couple of simple citizens with no affiliation to any organization, or social, political,or religious group. Just simple folks doing a simple service.


It doesn't require one penny from anyone's pocket or any town/city, county, state or national budget!!! No donations necessary!!!



Please sign up below and enjoy this opportunity to stand up for the earth, the environment, the animals, and one another. Taking just a few seconds to sign up inspires others to do the same. You can also sign up children and begin teaching them this responsibility.

DO NOT WORRY! No personal information or even email addresses are asked for. You will not be bothered by on-going messages, spam, or hackers. We ask for only your name and location so we can all  enjoy watching this project grow world wide.



             WE CAN REALLY DO IT!


      Thank you all so very, very much.


   Sign up below in the white space. Thanks!

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